Waste Landscape

In my work I often comment on climate change through different avenues. In this work the issue of industrial waste and its impact on the environment is explored within representations in imagery. By this, the work documents metal machinery coolant in its differing stages of coalescence. This oily substance is not recycled in any way, but barrelled up at the end of its usefulness and disposed of as industrial waste.


In its early phase the coolant remains a silky fluid.


Over time bacteria enter the nutrient rich liquid and start to grow solid forms


In the end the coolant has formed a deep layer of semi-solid sludge.

Each scene was photographed as is; true to life documentation of the coolant tanks underneath ten tonne machinery. The connotations to landscapes within are attained through composition and the materials natural state. It is a connection to which I strove, but did not manipulate, to gain in the imagery.