Carbon Photographs

This is the first carbon related artwork I created. It looks to create an awareness in the viewer. To talk about the differing ways in which things, no matter how we perceive them, add to the emissions total in some way.

100 Pieces

Each piece of carbon represents the exact emissions from taking a photograph. When you switch on a pro-grade camera, take a photograph, look at it on the image display, then switch off the camera, it creates 7g of CO2 emissions.

Yellow Disc

By displaying the '100 photographs' of carbon in this way the piece evokes a sense of nature and energy. This sun like platform enables the viewer to easily gauge where the work is related.

Carbon Emission

The carbon itself is compressed charcoal pieces, cut and weighed to the exact measurement required. It subtly enables the work to both physically and contextually convey a message of artists involvement. 

Artists aren't exempt from climate change, the work they produce, the photographs they take of melting ice caps, all contribute to the emissions total too.