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MA Fine Art, UCA, 2017

BA (Honours) Photography Contemporary Practice, UCA, 2016
First Class

BTEC Art and Design Photography, Canterbury College, 2013
Distinction* (Triple Grade)

Art to change our climate

Robert Daniel Oliver produces artwork which comments on and creates a dialogue with climate change; specifically work which aims to engage the viewer to discuss archaic energy technologies.

Each project asks how an artwork based on a particular political and environmental issue can be didactic, both to the viewer and the issue.

The aim is not to incite riots, to propagandise or to spout doctrines, but to instil a belief that there lies an emotive means to spark deep change in our contemporary way of life.

How can we move on from antiquated energy sources?

How can we use energy sources in a way which is environmentally friendly?

How can art influence the finding of answers to these questions?

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